Overview of Credit Renegotiations

Lower rates to renegotiate Who are the borrowers who took advantage of lower rates to renegotiate their credit? What is their gain? In an exceptional context of falling rates, credit applications are booming. The owners who borrowed a few years ago also wanted to enjoy it massively. More than half of Credits loan files are credit […]

Real Estate Loan Insurance: Annual Termination is in a Month

Barring a turnaround, borrowers with mortgage insurance signed before March 2017 will be able to cancel their contract every year starting next January. Back on the terms of this provision. Why make a delegation of mortgage insurance? A small step back is needed, in 2010 more precisely. That year, the Cogilaw Company instituted the delegation […]

Low credit rates and a low-cost market

  It is estimated that between 730,000 and 740,000 operations for 2014, a slight increase over 2013 (719,000) and 2012 (704,000). A slight increase due to the number of customers for the new home market, which finally fell back on the former. Mainly, because the market context has made it often more advantageous for an […]

Loan Insurance: The Importance of Completing Your Questionnaire

Why fill out a health form? As you probably know, when you take out a home loan, the bank requires you to buy borrower insurance. It protects lender and borrower: in case of “accident of life” (disability, death, loss of employment), the insurer takes over in the payment of your monthly payments. Of course, there […]

Know the real cost of your credit to better reduce it!

Parts of a Credit To begin, you should know that a credit is divided into 3 main parts: The capital the interest rate ancillary costs 1. The capital As part of your credit, this is the total amount that the lender gives you and that you (of course) have to repay. When you claim a […]

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